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Business Consulting


Business Coaching
"If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”
Mary Engelbreit

Business consulting is about helping you become very clear on what you want most, creating an action plan that aligns with your values and builds on your strengths while supporting you to make all the changes needed to achieve the outcomes you desire. As a professional service, coaching can become a powerful partner in helping you achieve greater levels of success, happiness and fulfillment.

As part of our co-creative partnership, we can break down certain or all aspects of your business to devise a plan targeted around your concerns and desires. One of the greatest ways to increase the effectiveness of your business consulting is through the use of accelerated learning. We will create a welcoming environment and use methods that can accelerate the learning process in yourself and employees. Workshops are available for yourself and for your employees. These workshops have a general outline but will incorporate the specifics needs of your company.


The workshops available are:

  • Team Building (Click to read more)
    This workshop focuses on the core principles of team building and team work such as effective communication skills, problem solving skills, the value of cooperation in teams and many others. The Team Building course offered by Action Forward Coaching & Consulting is both entertaining and educational. It takes advantage of modern efficient teaching methods to maximize knowledge transfer.

  • Meeting Skills (Click to read more)
    This workshop focuses on the interaction with others, in particular with customers and clients. Keeping customers, business associates and clients happy is as critical as understanding their needs and concerns without being offensive or defensive.
  • Conflict Management (Click to read more)
    This workshop is about conflict resolutions basically preventing discussions from escalating into conflicts. Developing a process to negotiate and manage emotions is the best way to respond so it doesn’t use up a lot of time and energy. We want conflicts to encourage creativity and self-growth for the individual and the company as a whole.

  • Handling Difficult People (Click to read more)
    This workshop focuses on a variety of effective responses, how to deal with toxic words and phrases, how to resolve a confrontation, how to avoid the “Blame Games” and many other topics.
  • Advanced Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Skills (Click to read more)
    This workshop focuses on interpersonal skills and competencies in areas of social awareness, rapport building, empathy, understanding others, influencing, action and much more.

  • One Minute Manager
    Three Success Secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and One Minute Reprimands.
    (Click to read more)
    People who feel good about themselves produce good results. Helping others feel good about themselves is the key to getting more done. Utilizing the One Minute Manager philosophy requires very little time and produces rewards with very big results. The more you understand why it works, the more apt you are to use it. Managing people does not take as long as you might think. Learn to invest in your staff the way you invest in your marriage, your children and your friends. The best minute spent each day at home or at the office is the one you invest in supporting, and encouraging someone else.

  • Train the Trainer (Click to read more)
    Delivering a good training is an art. Fortunately it is an art that can be learned and mastered with practice. The secret to becoming an exceptional trainer is to reflect and be willing to learn. By examining your actions and the results of your training you can take steps to improve your training in the future.

As your business consultant it is my mission to help you work on your business and unlock your future potential. As we discuss strategies and develop an action plan for you and your employees, I will assist with the development of self-belief and confidence to implement change successfully. Together we will create an environment of growth and development for sustained effectiveness. We will initiate the process of projecting possible avenues of future growth and how to go about preparing to initiate that growth. It is my mission to uncover the elements that seem to be preventing your business from realizing or even reaching its full potential. You, the client, determine the degree of involvement with your staff, employees and peers.

As your business consultant I will examine the overall operation, then begin to systemically assess the function of each part of the model, including management and supervisory functions. I will seek to identify ways to enhance the overall business operations and help the business to make better use of existing resources through observation, objective guidance, training sessions and review meetings. The structure of our business consulting partnership is flexible, based on your individual needs, work day schedule and time frame. Along the way, I will identify specific areas of concern and begin to formulate strategies to resolve those concerns.

Generally the process consists of:

Initial Meeting - This one-on-one meeting is so that we can determine if I am the right consultant for you. I only work with clients when I know that I can make a significant contribution and the client is open and willing to move forward with improvement and change. Once we agree to work together and I have a clear understanding of your objectives, I will prepare a proposal outlining the tasks as agreed upon by the client, schedule and hours.

Comprehensive Assessment – Once the consulting contract is agreed upon an initial assessment is obtained by conducting confidential interviews with management, peers, and subordinates to assess competencies, strengths and development opportunities. Business consulting can be divided into three areas: discovery, evaluation, and restructuring.

  • Discovery – This process involves getting to know the culture of the business, including how the business, management and staff currently operate.
  • Evaluation – This process involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the current operating procedures.   
  • Restructuring – This process focuses on the task of building on existing operations and skills while simultaneously turning liabilities into assets or eliminating the liabilities altogether.

I will observe during the work day the business operations of individuals and departments, regarding business operations and procedures as outlined in our initial meeting. Observing the performance of daily tasks, meetings and conversations allows for me to provide important and confidential feedback that will assist in further actions in achieving your goals. This technique is often referred to as shadowing and occurs at different times throughout the day.

Coaching Program
- Together we review the data gathered from the assessment and begin to customize your coaching program in further detail to ensure that we achieve your objectives. We will determine exactly which training modules, workshops, and one on one coaching would be beneficial for the change and growth of your organization as desired to achieve your goals. We will determine the exact schedule, hours and action plan for sustained effectiveness. Depending upon the circumstances, we can meet face-to-face, by phone or a combination of both. Together we will define the length and frequency that best supports your intended outcome. Throughout the course of the program detailed notes, observations and achievements are recorded and available for review. A certificate of completion is issued to any management or staff upon attending any specified training course and followed up with a performance evaluation.



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